السبت، 21 سبتمبر 2013

Into the wild

It's a mistery to me 
we have agreed with which we 
have agreed
you think you have to want more
than you need
until you have it all you won't be free
you're a crazy breed
i hope you're not lonely without me
i think i need to find a bigger place
cos when you have more than you think'
you need more space
crazy and deep
i hope you're not lonely 
without me

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods
there is a rapture on the lonely shore
there is society
where none intrudes by the deep sea
  and music in its roar
ilove not man the less
but nature more
*Lord Byron*
when you forgive you love
when you love
God slight shines on you

you're wrong if you think the
joy of life is in human relationships
God has placed it all around
people should change
 their look to these things

rather than love
than money
than faith
than fame
than fairness
give me truth

so many people live within unhappy
and yet will not take the initiative to
change their situation because
 they conditioned to a life of
security and conformity and conservatism
all of which may appear to give one peace of mind
but in reality nothing is more
dangerous to the adventurous spirit
within a man than a secure future
the very basic core of a man's living
spirit is his passion for adventure
the joy of life comes from our
encounters with new experiences
and hence there is no greater
joy than to have an endlessly
changing horizon
for each day to have a new
and different sun

i read somewher  
 how important
it is in life not necessarily
to be strong but to feel strong

no longer to be poisoned by civilization
he flees and walks alone upon land
to become lost into wild

and just remember
if you want something in life
reach out and grab it

what more can the heart of man

is only real when shared

i don't want to know what time
it is
i don't want to know what day
it is or where i am
none of that matters

i think careers are 20th
century invention
and i don't want one

some people feel like they don't
deserve love they walk away quietly
into empty spaces
 to close the gaps of the past

two years he walks the earth
no phone no pool no pets no cigarettes
ultimate freedom
an extremist
an aesthetic voyage whose
home is is the road

i don't understand why people
why every fucking person
is so bad to each other
so fucking often
it doesn't make sense to me
all that
the whole spectrum
if we admit that human life
can be ruled by reason
the possibility of  life
is destroyed

 it should not be denied that being footloose
has always exhilarated us
it is associated in our minds with
escape from history and
oppression and law
and irksome obligation
absolute freedom
and the road has always led

film on true story
Into the wild